This girl, I like her, but i'm scared to tell her what do I do

this girl I see her everyday and I like her but can't tell her that I love her because i'm scare she will freak out what do I do?
Asked Mar 14, 2013
Well, personally. I would start with how well do you really know her? Do you like her because of her looks or her personality? Most girls are flattered when someone likes them, I know I am one. We love the attention. If you really want her to know, straight out tell her. That's how my boyfriend and I ended up together. I texted him one night and said "Hey I like you, okay bye." The rest is history.

Just walk up to her one day and say it, then walk away. Let it sink in, and then go ask her about it a little later and see what she says. If it doesn't work out, well than it's her lose. If it turns out she likes you back, well then good luck to you.

Hope I helped. :)
Answered Mar 14, 2013
well just text her and if she ask you talk to her in privet and tell all the things you go through for her affection and tell her you like her not love because that will be weird but it's OK to love her. if it works out then tell her later in the relationship tell her you love her
Answered Mar 27, 2014
Start to have little conversations and maybe exchange a compliment once in a while. Then talk to her more and more. Maybe ask her how her day was. She will love the attention and maybe once you guys are more connected you can ask her out.
Answered Mar 27, 2014

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