Please help ! friend constantly flirting with my crush

sorry its long :-/
a friend sits with my crush in almost every lesson (because its alphabetical order) and even though she knows I love him shes started to really flirt with him . she says she likes another guy but I dont know weather to believe her :-( and he gave me a really long close hug when I was dared to hug him ,he hugged me instead and she said " hed hug anyone if he where dared too " and keeps trying to put me down . she doesnt understand how I feel about him as if its a joke , he knows I like him too but when we talk she always butts in . what should I do ?
Asked Mar 14, 2013
so what u need to do is ether tell your friend and ask her that if she can stop putting u down, in most cases your friend doesn't mean too but sometimes they actually mean to put u down, so ask her to stop and of she doesn't than tell a teacher and tell that your really putting u down and u already told her to stop. The other option is that try to talk to him without getting her butting, u need to ask him I can talk to him somewhere that she won't butt in and then tell him what u need to say and she does it u might want to ask can I talk with him alone plz and if see really a good friend she will do it so I hope this help and good luck with your crush!!!! ._. :) :( :-) :-( byeeee!!!!!
Answered Mar 15, 2013
Sorry to say... If he knows you like him and he's flirting with her, then maybe he's not interested in you, and you're in the way of them getting together. Maybe your friend could ask the same question. He's not the front seat of the car; neither of you can claim him.

Two things are clear: 1) your feelings are getting hurt, and 2) he has twice as many options as you do. So if you don't like the way you're being treated in this triangle and don't want to be an entree on his buffet, you have the power to remove yourself from it.

As for the friend... friends don't put each other down. You might want to have a conversation with her about the way she treats you. If the two of you can't an amicable agreement on how to treat each other that leaves you both feeling heard and respected, then you might want to rethink being in this friendship as well.
Answered Mar 16, 2013
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