Why doesn't my HD antenna work anymore?

I installed an HD antenna and dumped cable. It's an upper end indoor antenna with a plug in signal booster. I'm 30 miles from the tower but I'm getting channels in from Indiana as well. I had dozens of channels, birds were singing, life was good.

I then received a sizable bandwidth booth from Comcast for ten bucks. It came with free basic cable. Sure, why not.

I installed basic cable and the HD antenna stopped working - no digital or analog signals. Coincidence? I'm just on the edge of the reception area for a strong signal so perhaps the winter weather caused signal degradation. I waited for a sunny day. Same problem.

I exchanged the antenna for a new one. No luck. I thought the problem may have been the HD converter in the TV but I'm also not receiving analog signals.

If anyone has any ideas, please do let me know.

EDIT: It's not the physical coax inputs nor is it the coax itself. Both inputs work fine with cable. The coax was switched with the new antenna.
Asked Mar 14, 2013
Something problem in your digital antenna, tell detail or bring to us. We will test it and if it needs repair otherwise have to install new. http://www.expressantennaservices.com.au
Answered Dec 31, 2015

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