Need sugestins on diferent hairs 2 get for bball & fball.

Im turning 16 in a cuple weeks and im bout tu start sports again after a little spring brake. I had choyces for wut I wunted for each sport. in basketball im a pg/sg so I was either gunna get a mohawk wit tha base going down the sides being white and having a gold eagle cut into tha side of it caus thats my team name. any other suggestiuns? and for football I play reciever so I was thinkin tu either keep the mohawk and juss get an eagle in the side in gold but sum other designs in gold on the other side. or get dreads and dye the tips gold so you culd see them outside frum under my helmet. any other suggestiuns? ill take anything anyone wuld suggest
Asked Mar 11, 2013

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