I think my boyfriend cheated on me while I was on vacation in Jamaica for the month of Febuary HELP!

So I went to Jamaica for the whole month of February to visit my step-dad's family, while I was gone me and him were texting and we got into a couple of fights, when I got home I heard him and my friend were touching each other while waiting for the bus, I thought "she's my friend I dont think she would want him like that and even if she would I dont think she would try to make him cheat". Next Monday I went to school, she couldnt even look me, so I thought maybe she thinks im mad at her and wont want to listen to what she has to say, This week at school she told a couple of people she was pregnant and everyone asked her boyfriend if they had sex yet and he said no he wanted to wait. That got me thinking .. what if she is pregnant and what if its with my boyfriend ..
what do I do ?
Asked Mar 10, 2013
if it's your boyfriend, break up with him and start a better life and move on. if not, don't trust to the rumors if you have trust to your boyfriend. maybe you should talk to him or to your friend for confirmation. always remember that a strong faith is not weak to gossips.
Answered Mar 11, 2013
Ask your boyfriend for his side of the story, and decide if you want to wait to see how this girl's baby drama plays itself out. Also think about if there are other valid reasons to end the relationship. All of that should tell you your next move.

If this is going to be nine months of worry and aggravation, I say jump ship.
Answered Mar 11, 2013
Dump him amy. Btw when did u lose yr virginity?:

Answered Aug 26, 2013
Me and my boyfriend of 2.5 years, lived together for 2, officially ended things last Christmas. I can’t tell you how broken I was. We thought we were perfect for each other and use to tell each other that everyday. He is a band director, and I understand his job is extremely important and time consuming to him, but he didn’t know how to balance his work life and love life. I went weeks without him touching me or giving me a passionate kiss… And he use to always want my kisses; he said they drove him crazy. But he would always “take” things from me, just never return those things unless I started it! We started fighting a lot about it, he even told me he had no reason for not doing those things to me… And he couldn’t understand why I was always angry and depressed. After that conversation he broke up with me just like that. My aunt advice to me, that I should look for help in magic. I looking for a website with love spells that work fasts. I choose http://magical-rituals.com and I’m very satisfied. Boyfriend back to me and his depression is over.
Answered Jul 02, 2015
During our breakup conversation, he told me he hasn’t been happy for a while. No time frame was mentioned. Yet when we were together, he never once acted like there was anything wrong. We would laugh and joke just like before. He told be he’s tired of being lonely (I guess referring to us not living together). That made me feel so hurt for him because I NEVER wanted him to feel like that. I very loved him. I need get him back and my last chance was love spell . Entered on the website http://magical-rituals.com , because I read that he has a lot of positive feedback. I’m not disappoint. My lover back to me in only one month. We are happy couple now.
Answered Dec 09, 2015
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Answered Jul 01, 2016

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