If the u.s. govt brought back all jobs outsourced everybody would be working

why did the u.s. government outsource jobs when all the countries they were outsourced to have citizens over here earning u.s. money and in thier homeland earning u.s. money and if this is the greatest country on earth I would hate to see the worst.?
Asked Mar 09, 2013
I know of no instance where the US Government outsourced jobs directly. Many businesses, some with government contracts, outsource jobs because wages are less in other countries. It can be argued that the government should level the playing field by offsetting the difference in labor costs with a tax on those businesses. The problem however is that many businesses benefit greatly from exporting products and technology to the same countries that the jobs are exported to. Would it be reasonable to expect other countries to allow your products to be freely sold there while you restrict their ability to benefit from outsourcing?
Answered Mar 09, 2013

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