Can I dye my hair bright colours?

I have blonde-brown hair that was really light and I put really bright tips in and they faded to orange in 4 days. I then put a deep purple over it and it's turned red. I really want bright colours but they don't work!! Is there anything I can do to fix it?
Asked Mar 09, 2013
What kind of dye did you use?
well I don't know how to fix it but I do know how to get bright colours,
what you do is you have to have kool aid and the powder kind I know it sounds weird but hear me out, so before you start you might want to put some Vaseline on your ears and and forehead to he dye from dripping thenBoil water on the stove in a pot. After the water comes to a boil, slowly let it begin to cool and pour water into a smaller bowl or containerMix three packages of Kool Aid mix into the water I recommend that there all the same colours. Add a ten drops of olive oil to keep the hair soft and to keep from getting sticky. Part hair that will be dyed into sections.Slowly dip the first section into the mix for up to five minutes, after about three minutes, pull out the piece and do a test. Dip hair again if needed.After the section is perfectly dyed, wrap it in tin foil to keep it from touching other parts of the hair.f color isn't strong enough after the first application, wait a few days and try again within a few days. there is another way so if the first one doea't work here the other one:-Taking the same steps to put Vaseline on on the ears and forehead, part hair.

-Take a container and put three packages of unsweeted Kool Aid and mix with one cup of water being careful to not make a liquid mix like the first method but to create a paste.

-Add a few drops of conditioner to the mix stirring it in the same way adding to the paste. Do not let the mix get watery.

-With gloves apply the mix to your fingers carefully to the first section of hair making sure the paste covers the hair like a normal dye. After each strand is saturated, pull it back from the face and wrap it in foil to keep it from dripping.

-Keep the mix on the hair for no longer than five to ten minutes, wipe off color to check on progress and reapply if needed.

-When the right color is reached wash out color making sure to get all paste out. Add olive oil to wet hair after it is rinsed to keep hair soft and not sticky.Depending on hair type and color, your need Kool Aid color could last anywhere from a few days to about a month or longer. I know this is really long but this will help a lot so hope this really helps!!!!
Answered Mar 10, 2013
Edited Mar 10, 2013
thanks so much ill try it x
Izzy Mar 10, 2013

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