How can I get my house rabbit to eat vegetables?

My rabbit eats a diet of hay, pellets, and yogurt (as a treat). I cannot get her to even try vegetables like romain, carrots, and radish. What can I do to get her to add good vegetables to her diet?

Edit: She is 5-6 months old.
Asked Mar 08, 2013
Edited Mar 08, 2013
Tell her, "No yogurt until you finish your vegetables!" :-)

Seriously, the idea that rabbits are addicted to carrots is a myth, probably from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. They live in places all over the world where there are no carrots. I've also read that rabbits will starve on a diet of only carrots.

Never seen one eat a radish either. What you're feeding her is fine. If she appears to be healthy and happy, let her pass on the veggies and enjoy her yogurt dessert.
Answered Mar 08, 2013

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