Who has bigger dicks, Africans or African-AMERICANS

Asked Mar 07, 2013
Penis size is an inherited trait. There is nothing about the Atlantic Ocean that changes DNA when people or their ancestors cross it.
Answered Mar 07, 2013
It depends on the person. There are larger guys and smaller guys in all races. The stereotypes aren't true.
Answered Mar 07, 2013
Both r good points, but about what Rob said. It wud change bcuz when they got here they mixed with Indian n white n whatever else, so wudnt it change? Or not really?
It's irrelevant. If any guy of any race can potentially have any size, it doesn't matter if he's a combo or not.
I think Rob may have been saying that there isn't enough of a genetic variation to form the basis of the question you asked.
Exactly skyDancer. It may be that direct descendants of closely bred tribes like the Watusi, known for their height, have body features that are outside the averages but the term "African" is far too broad to assume one trait applies to all Africans.

Africa is a huge continent with people of every description one can imagine. For example, Egyptians are Africans too. My point is, Africa is a location, not a consistent strain of DNA. Changing locations does not change your DNA. An African can carry as many DNA variations as any other group on earth and maybe more because that's where it all started.
Rob Mar 08, 2013
Mmmhmm ok. Thank u :-)
dunno why the hell would you wanna know that? :/
Answered Mar 14, 2013

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