Having feelings for my ex but he had a gf what to do?

Well I dated this guy in elementry school for 3 months. he move and came back in 6th grade and denined we ever dated. I was crush and didnt talk to him but then in 7th grade he started talking to me and flirting with me and saying how he liked me so I believe him but he never dated me he always made excusses. We kept flirting throught 8th grade and we started kissing and then he was datting girls and messing with me at the same time and I found out and just stayed away. But then by a couple of weeks he said he was single so we started again. Well that ended up to be thinking it was something else and telling everyone he denined we were ever messing around. I was sad again but then he apoligize 3 days later and I accept it and he started messing around. Then I lost my virginity to him and the next day I found out he was datting my best friend and I told her everything she dump him and he was mad at me for a 2 months. Then he started going around flirting with me again this time he said he loved me and accually telling people we did have sex and he did date me in 5th grade. People already believe me when I told them. But then by the end of 8th grade he had sex with my best friend then I told him off and stop talking to him. didnt talk to him in 9th grade either I was finally getting over him. But then this year 10th grade a couple months ago he said hey to me so I said hey back and then we became friends but then he started flirting with me and talking bout if we can have sex I said no because he was already datting this girl for year in a half and he would stop so I told her and she dump him and then 3 hours later she started datting him again...... Well now my feeling are back for him and I know he likes me bewcause he told his gf he does and he told other people but idk what to do..... should I wait until he finally amitted to how he feels or should I just give up and stay away from him...
Asked Mar 07, 2013
get over it because he is already clearly did
Answered Apr 19, 2013
The occurrences in my marriage wasn’t clear, I invested emotionally and I don’t see the positive impacts. I prayed for a husband that could remind me of the good he sees in me, a husband that can make me laugh and also boost my mood.
The introduction of spell to my hunt saved my marriage. Dr. Wakina looked at the happenings from a different angle before solving the puzzle. He totally handled the event like the master he is. It was emotional for me seeing us reach beyond the invisible boundaries in our marriage.
My husband is in support of this story, so I’m not compromising my integrity because the spell toss on us was a goodwill spell.
“Share your story to liberate a relationship” was the word said to me by Dr. Wakina after he successfully completed a unity spell that brought us back after 9 months and 4 days. He found the enduring solution to my negative marital events via his email dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com. I bless the day I read the story that lead me to Dr. Wakina.
Answered Jan 10, 2019

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