Should I see a doctor about my possible Black Mold symptoms?

About 2 weeks ago my apartment flooded, carpets were completely drenched. They wet vacuumed the carpets hours after the flooding. a day later the place flooded again leaving the carpets soaked. This time the carpets stayed drenched for about 4 straight days as I continued to complain to the apt managers. it was finally wet vacuumed again after several days of sitting water.
A week ago I started experiencing flu-like symptoms: nasty cough, mucus build up, sore throat.
I am now still experiencing: the same cough, sore throat, mucus, im having trouble sleeping (as im writing this at 2:30am), my lymph nodes in neck are sore, some fatigue.
Im 20 years old, college student, also exercise frequently (if this is any help)
I understand that mold can develop after 24 hours of saturated area.
I dont know if this could just be a cold or minor sickness or if this could be possible mold sickness.
Should I get checked out?
should I wait to see if symptoms go away?
i have no idea how serious mold sickness or black mold sickness can be.
- thanks
Asked Mar 07, 2013
If you're having medical issues due to mold, it's a good idea to get them documented and treated. That'll put you in a better position to argue with management that they should move you to another suitable unit on their dime. To make your case, you may also need to get the apartment tested to prove mold is there.
Answered Mar 07, 2013

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