Does this shy girl like me?

4 months ago I gave her candy and said I like her. Then the next day, suddenly she started smiling at me, blushing, too shy to talk, her eyes would light up when she saw me. She avoids me, she stares at me when I'm don't notice.

When I talk to her, she would only say a few words and walk away. She won't make eye contact to me, she won't pay attention to me when I talk
When I ask her friends what she says about me, her friends would say she would think of me as a creep and that she doesn't like me. Her friends would say she doesn't like me and yet her body language shows that she likes me.

Does she like me and just too shy of me or just pretending to like me.

BTW; she added me on Facebook, but ignores my messages and text.
Asked Mar 04, 2013
i do not know if there is a definite answer to that. she definitly seems to like you, but her behavior as mentioned in the second paragraph contradicts that in the first. was there a period of time inbetween those two sets of behavior? if so, she may have liked you but lost intrest. if not, she could be fickle about her feelings for you. I know sometimes when I have a crush I go in and out of liking them, but that could just be me. hope this helps, even if its just a little!

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Sorry dude I asked the same question and the answer was yes most likely and I should ask her out so if I were u I'd go for it I did it and it worked out great the cute girl is now my girl friend just look at my questions I put on kk and it'll work out fine and if u look at my questions plz leave a comment.
Answered Mar 05, 2013

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