How should I deal with my jealous sister?

I'm on an exchange abroad for almost five months. My host sister is 8 and I am 16, she is very annoying and stupid! She nags me all the time and she's always jealous of anything I do. I would not have this problem if I can talk to her fluently! But we speak in different language, although i'm trying to learn my host country's language (portuguese) it is very hard and not enough to deal with her. She always make fun of me, tries to have authority over me and shows me how smart and talented she is and how weak and stupid I am(well, i'm asian and small, she is european and a bit fat, I think she will be able to beat me up in a few years) she thinks im stupid because I dont talk much but actually im a very ironic and sarcastic person, the reason why I lose her argument is because I dont understand what she is saying

I tried to talk tomy host parents but of course they are on her side because she is their daughter and im not! The host dad even supports her to be a bitch towards me. Im so tired of her interrupts me from doing anything or tease me, hit me and annoy me (if I was her real sister I would not be afraid to hit her back but im not! And I dont want to get into trouble) now I just try to ignore her so she thinks she had already wonand stuffs but I dont want to stay like this! help!
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Asked Mar 03, 2013
Little sisters are usually annoying (I have 2), even if she's a host sister. 8-year-old girls are usually annoying. And I bet she feels threatened by your presence and sees you as competition for her parents' attention.

Unless you can move to another host family, the best you can do is try to hang in there. When she starts, immediately say "Oh, you win again. You're so smart." People who love to win, hate to win when you let them win. Try not to play the game with her, and keep ignoring her when you can.
Answered Mar 03, 2013

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