Can You Please Help Me Guys?I'm Stuck!

hEY Guys! I'm A 15 Years Old'Girl,Recently I Have Noticed That I Like Girls,I'm A Lesbien! But The Problem Is That I Don't Feel Comfortable When I Talk To Girls,Like When My Friends Of Girls Hug Me,Or Kissing Me,I Think That They Like Me,and I Really Love That!So Please Guys,Help Me,I'm Really So Shy In Front Of Girls,I'm Funny And So Kind,But I Can't Prove My Funniest In Front Of Girls,Sometimes,When They Stand Next To me,I Start To Do Or Say Something Very Stupid,And They Think That I'm A Jerk Or Something,What Should I Do?Please Comment!
Asked Mar 03, 2013
Don't get excited about a girl unless you are certain that she dates girls too. A lot of girls are just touchy-feely, so you might be seeing something that isn't there. Falling for straight girls over and over is nothing but heartbreak, so let your head lead your heart, not the other way around.

I think once you get a handle on that -- that is, stop yourself from thinking that every girl is a potential gf -- you'll be able to relax and be yourself, and everything you asked about will be naturally resolved.
Answered Mar 03, 2013

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