How can I rebuild my life while staying sober?

To make a decently long story decently short; I had 2 years sober (from alcohol and other substances) in September 2011 but then relapsed soon after that. And to be honest I only stayed sober as a bargaining tool so I could still live with my mom. Anyways, when I relapsed I fell hard and fast to a desperate bottom. I suffer(<-dislike that term but can't think of another way to phrase it) from bipolar and severe depressions also, so the alcohol and drugs definately worsened that. So I got help-again-and I was in a great place but then a couple events really shook things up (my best friend passed away from an overdose and then a few weeks after that I was asked to leave the halway house I was at). So I came back to my mom's, and now I'm back to feeling ambivalent to sobriety, being a hermit, and just feeling like I'm floating along. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on this, I don't want to come across as whiney, I'm honestly lost and would appreciate some form of guidance.
Asked Mar 01, 2013

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Find out what you enjoy and make goals towards it. For example if you enjoyed working with animals you could set a goal to volunteer at the animal shelter and then make a goal for yourself to apply for jobs at a zoo. Then you can work towards working with actual wildlife, and setting up a career for yourself. I think this could help you recover because you will have something to focus on and work hard for instead of resorting to alcohol and drugs. It might be difficult at first, but it will help you get on your feet and progress. :)
Answered May 25, 2013

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