Is he cheting or am I just being crazy

hi all so me and my boyfriend have been togeather bout a year and everything was going great till now we live together but lately he seems different distant he barley touches me and on top of it he keeps coming home late he says he was "working on a car" or at his best friends house then tonight I tryed to call him on my way home and his phone was off but he says he was with his guy friend help im lost
Asked Mar 01, 2013
Those are the classic cheating symptoms. Whether he's cheating or not, he has surely found other interests that don't include you.
Answered Mar 01, 2013
U should follow him and see where he goes
Answered Mar 03, 2013
i did he is not going anywhere strange so idk im really lost and then to top it off when I got home he was watching porn so idk

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