I hate racism, but I think im turnin racist?

Towards hispanics and latins idk, spanish decent ppl. I hate their language, they all seem loud, they jus annoy me, n their women r ugly to me, but I really only like white girls n black girls. And the hispanic ppl jus idk, its like I have something against them, but they never did nothin wrong to me n I don't wanna b racist, but, I jus don't like em. I don't really have hispanic friends. Idk I'm sorry to all of those of u who r of tht decent, but a large huge major detail I hate is the language, and the volume, thts half the problem spanish sound straight up UGLY!!! To me, n ppl walk around speakin it so loudly. I'm like plz stfu. N idk they're ugly to me. I don't have any other reasons to hate em, but I jus feel something about most of them tht I don't like. Idk y,so help me plz cuz I don't wanna b racist. The only hispanics I like r the ones u can't tell tht they r cuz the look white. N its strange cuz one of my bestfriends was a mexican. With everything I don't like about hispanics now but we was bestfriends. Idek what changed me. But racism is bad and I'd prefer to fight it, not join it. Like if I had a kid, I wud not let them date a spanish decent person. I jus don't like em, n most of my friends before was spanish decent. I'm confused.
Asked Feb 26, 2013
It's OK not to like loud people or to feel uncomfortable with people you can't communicate with. When it becomes wrong is when you assume all people of one ethnic group are the same and say you don't like anybody in that group.

I once had a white guy that played on our football team that said he didn't like black people. I started naming black guys on the team and asked if he liked them. It went like this:

Q-"Do you like TJ?"
A- "Who wouldn't like TJ?"

Q-"How about Leon?"
A- "Everybody likes him."

Q- "Frank?"
A- "He's so funny, sure I like him."

After going through about 15 black guys we both knew, he stopped and said, "I don't mean guys on the team I mean people on the street." After a little discussion, it became obvious to both of us that the only black people he didn't like were the ones he didn't know. Racial prejudice can deny you some damn good, life-long friendships.
Answered Feb 26, 2013
U right, and actually, it was a large generalization, most of the things I don't like I didn't notice in all spanish decent ppl, actually jus mexicans. I don't want to dislike them, but its jus so much there tht I don't like. Idk how to change it, but racism isn't even my thing, I'm a nice guy! Idk y its jus qualities tht I won't say all, but most of the mexicans I ve seen at least have tht I don't like. Barely any of mg spanish decent friends have been mexicans. All my spanish decent friends r like puerto rican, dominican etc. I haven't had many mexican friends, except the one I mentioned, n like prolly a handful of others. But I'll try to tolerate it if its jus u kno, there.
Dont hate the spanish
Answered Aug 30, 2013

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