Oil leak. Clueless

Hi I had an little oil leak on my drive 1 week ago , its since dried but then last night it poured it down for the first time in a week and I woke up to multicoloured patches on my drive could these be due to the oil leak 1 week ago? Bearing in mind no cars have been on the drive since :) thanks
Asked Feb 26, 2013
If "poured it down" means it rained, the patches were probably moved around by the water. When water and oil is mixed, the oil will float on the top and the reflected light can appear in different colors.
Answered Feb 26, 2013
Ok thankyou I thought it was something along them lines but I'm blonde lol :). It was only a small leak . I just thought the original patch of oil would have dried within 6-7 days?
Omad69 Feb 26, 2013
The more volatile solvents in fresh oil or grease from a vehicle will evaporate but the remainder takes a while to go away because what's left gets harder. It's smart to pay attention to oil spots to maintain a vehicle, something brunettes and redheads never seem to understand. :-)
Rob Feb 26, 2013
Oil leaks can be very dangerous, there may by bad incidents due to oil leaks. If you check things properly, it can be easy to deal with leaks on time. There may be some other issues if no car is driven since and still there is oil leak.
Answered Aug 07, 2019

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