My son wont eat certain food anymore

I have a seven year old son, and he point blanks refuses to eat any chicken products (like nuggets kfc roast or slice sandwich chicken). He used to eat them as a toddler but for the last three years won't even go near it now. Its not a big problem just wondered if it was normal as my older daughter hasn't gone thought this stage
Asked Feb 24, 2013
Edited Feb 24, 2013
I'm sure you asked him why. What did he say?
Answered Feb 24, 2013
Just says he don't like lol think its just he don't like it but just wondered why he won't eat it any more
gemma27 Feb 24, 2013
Our kids went through periods where their likes and dislikes changed more often that the direction of the wind. We found that there were fewer dislikes when they were hungry. When they snacked after school the "I don't like it" was really that they weren't hungry. If you can get him involved in physical stuff after school, that might help.
Rob Feb 24, 2013
I loved tomatoes when I was little now I hate them. Lol
Answered Jul 04, 2015

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