Smoking in high school long term risks?

My smoking history :

3 joints of marijuana
1 pipe use of marijuana
3 cigarettes
Unknown amount of inhales from e-cigarette
1 cigar/cigarillo

Yes I counted ! What would be the long term effects of this usage. I exercise almost everyday, and I have a decent diet. I only just started and I'm 16, but if I still smoke after high school , I will get help.
Asked Feb 23, 2013
Edited Feb 23, 2013
One of the problems with smoking is that the outcome is so unpredictable. If everybody that smokes got sick, nobody would do it with that kind of predictability. But they don't. It is known that the more you smoke, the greater the risk but there are some old people that have smoked all their lives and are healthy and some that smoked a little and died from lung cancer. When you smoke, you're rolling the dice and betting your life that you will be one of the lucky ones.

I seriously doubt you will have any long term problems if you stop now but tobacco is so addictive, the longer you smoke, the more difficult it is to quit. The simple solution is not to take that risk any more than you have already.

Answered Feb 23, 2013
Edited Feb 23, 2013
Thanks , I think the only reason why I smoke is because I love the sensation .
KC13 Feb 23, 2013
youllbe fine, once you stop smoking your body starts reparing itself, smoking marijuana is not harmful , I have for years and my grandma has since shes been 12, its alot lighter smoke , whereas tobacco is alot more dense, I'm not saying its good for you but I have never seen anyone harmed from marijuana smoke, id stay away from tobacco though, you can clog your two main arteries in your throat pathway, both my father and aunt have that result from tobacco.
Answered Feb 28, 2013

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