I wanna seduce my mom?

m 17 nd my mom is 42..she is too hot nd sexy..plz..give tips how to seduce her...m frm india...my father is out of town for a month..so me nd my mom r alone at home....so plz.help me..if ur tricks I will send my mms 2 u..nd will give u a chance 2 fuck my sexy horny mom...reply fast..
Asked Feb 22, 2013
first of all...you should stay always colse with her...and some times you will ask her some question that is sexual for her....you can put some x videos on her phone ...and you can acting like a 10 years old boy that you know nothing ..as like you will hug her and say mom I want tostay with you to night because I saw something in my room last night.....try..if you like
I also wanna fuck my om I can't control my feelings for my mom help me
Xxyz Jun 22, 2019
i wanna make a cpa consoled maked so far
i am 38 now but when I was 17 I was masterbating in the bathroom after shaving my cock and my moms boyfriend called me in and I didn't know it but he wanted to have sex with my mom and I and I didnt even know there was a dildo in my moms pussy at the time either or I would of gave her my huge teen cock then. she is 60 and I still want to fuck her brains out
If you are serious about this, you are very immature for your age and very foolish. You should respect your mother and find a girlfriend before you create a family tragedy that will follow you the rest of your life.
Answered Feb 22, 2013
Its just making love to your mom dummy
I want to deep kiss her and oil her body
And fuck her so badly make her squirt and make her fuck me everyday
Sedsuce Jun 02, 2019
i want also too fuck my mom but do I do
mymom Nov 03, 2020
Walk in her room while she is sleeping and start eatng her out o
Answered Jul 10, 2014
i did that and my mom flipped out slapping me and screaming
First you have to realize this is not going to be a quick seduction. You have to get past a lot of social hang-ups first about a son not doing that with her mother first.

After you realize this may take months maybe years to accomplish then you might be able start.

The first thing you need to do is become her best/closest friend. This is accomplished by listening to her rants and being the perfect son. Lt her feel like she can unwind and relax around you without being in the 'Mother Mode'.

Find out things she likes to do and gently start doing them with her once she feels comfortable around you. Somehow get her to rely upon you for comfort instead of her BFF.

Once all this is accomplished then start complimenting her. At first start out slowly and gauge her reactions. In time she should be able to take just about any kind of compliment from you. That is one of your goals.

After that then you may be able to flirt with her. Again start out slowly and gauge her reactions. You should modify your approach depending on her reactions.

After you become her best friend, get cleared to pay her any kind of compliment, and flirt with her like crazy then I suggest doing things out of the house like going to the movies, dinner, see a play - stuff like that, stuff like you do on a date. If she resist then say something like you really like to see the movie with your BFF, Her.

If you are able to accomplish all this then she might know by this time how you feel, its now time you tell her and let her make the decision whether or not to proceed any further.

I wish you luck.
Answered Sep 06, 2014
Edited Sep 06, 2014
thanks your answer is very nice I will try it, I will fuck my mom as per ur advice
I want to fuck my mom to
Answered Oct 21, 2016
What is your age and your mom's age
My moms age is 36 I want to fuck her and deep kiss and oil her body up
Sedsuce Jun 02, 2019
Seduce, did you ever get close to having that yet? what are your ages?
I want to to maybe well get along better
Answered Apr 14, 2018
Hi sir, I want to fuck my mom. I'm 19 year old and she is 39 year old but she is look like beautiful and amateur. She is slightly strict by behaviour.
I just want to fuck her. Pls give me some fucking tips.
So that I can easily fuck her.
Answered Apr 01, 2019
Hi want to seduce my mom I really care about her anyone here can give me tips really it will be very helpful God will bless you
I have pure passion for her
Answered Apr 08, 2019
Me also I want to.
Answered May 22, 2019
What are both of your ages? what is she like? How long have you felt this?
if your so eager.....then the only thing needed is patience......guys. ....women ...also have a feeling of strong sexual desire but they hide because of their culture and society and keep some shot in mind that what will other say....it is a common fact found mostly in india....so if you are very much eager...you strong only follow some rules in your nasty mind....
1.tell her that you are best (and hottest...if she is a little bit frank for humour. ...)..the most liked thing by women is appreciation....
2.act as a small boy...say that mom I want to buy a new underwear as my cock is not spacing in this present..... she would definitely ask for how much long is your cock......answer by telling little bit greater than real one.....and say that it is longer than papa's one. ....
3.once your mother is attracted towards you look or mostly stare at your mom's boobies and believe me it will work....
4. ask about her past (sexual) while being frank....some thing odd things would be pit by her andyou have to give positive replies to those ...this will acknowledge her about her son'south pretty tool.....
5.ask for happiness to your mother while she is in depressedecember mode...and tell that I can give more happiness than papa can give....
6............the day is yours!!!!!
Answered Jun 11, 2019
I wanna fuck my mom help me plz plz
Answered Jun 22, 2019
Have you been able to fuck mom yet? What have you tried so far? It actually takes alot of understanding things about her before she's ready to come around to it. Even if she already wants it.
I started by leaving my bedroom open as I slept naked and kept my phone on recording to my surprise my mom could stare at my dick for almost two minutes then shut my door.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
i came so close to making love to my momma one day. my mother worked swing shift so she was up late and slept in till about noon. I crept into her room and slid her panties down and began eating her delicious pussy for like 20 minutes but when she begane to orgasim she flipped out hitting me and screaming. she nvr told a soul about that incident, to this day weve never discussed what happened and now im 41 she is 63 and coming to stay the night to catch early morning flight frm airport. I want to seduce her so bad my body aches.
Hi m 15 and my mom is 44 and I want to fuck her what do I do.
Answered Apr 22, 2020
Don't do this, do not even think about it.
Answered Apr 22, 2020
what the hell first she is your mom dont you find that disgusting she has the same blood as you I am going to throw up
Answered Oct 18, 2020
I'm 16 my mom is 38 and every time I hug her I grip her titty and she doesn't say anything,but I don't know if she wants to fuck but I do so bad.
Answered Mar 02, 2021
I would wait mate if only 16... Your mother might still think you are to innocent. I was a virgin until 21, very timid but with a mom fetish since 9/10. Moved out 19, then at 21 my sister at 17 moved in for a while as she moved out from mom and stepdad... Long story short, my 17 year old little sister lustfully took my virginity to help me and do something fun and secret... I came in under 30 seconds as she sat on me with condom and ride slowly while I got both her nice perky titties in my hands... xD We fucked a few times more then she moved out ... We never fucked since, I am now 37 and she is 34 with 2 kids and obese :S
My mom now at 62 though! 60.5 kg and 1meter 60 cm. Nice big C almost d cup, perky but not sacky tits. Can see as she never wear a bra under her thin tshirt when im visiting alone, she is single now. Her ass is all I want in life, petite but very well formed and tight!
I have made sure to be "just out of shower oopsie" when she comes by rarely for a coffee as my home is way out there... I make sure I only got the tiny towels so that I cant cover meself ecc, and she always cant help to stare alot and sometimes utter some short comment, have done this 5 times in 2020 where she was fucking around with 8 old senior datingapp hookups....
one time she said "wow boy that is dangerous around mom" then did not talk about it more but kept staring til I put on my boxers... xD Then after we just smoke a cigarette drink some coffee and talk about normal shit... But lately she is depressed, havent hooked up once since dec20 2020... And she has invited 2 men for a fuckdate so far in april, and both times she called it off pissing the hookups up big time... She told my sister she craves cock almost more then a man to grow old with when I was nearby also there visiting.
Answered May 02, 2021
yeah you got an easy road to fucking your mom. I personally would walk up to her with my hard throbbing tool and grab her and and make her jerk me off and that would be it.
Firstly I'm 18 year old and my mom is 34 year old, I had never sex with my mom but my sexually desire towards my mom increase more and more day by day. Hope one day I will get the opportunities to fuck her in coming days, right now I need someone to helps me in order to fuck my mom to seduced her even I will give that particular man to fuck my mom, that person should have these speciality in order to fuck my mom
1.That man should be sexually experience person
2.That man age should be 30 to 50 with black dick and lots of public hair 7 to 8inch penis size
3.That man should be erotic massage expert in order to moods on her in sexually activities
4.That man should know about medical purpose
Only one man will get those opportunities who are interested kindly comment below I will wait till 24 may 2021 last date
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