Girlfriend wanted a break, I am torn inside.

We are in a long distance relationship and have been dating for 5 years. She wanted to go on a "break" just for curiosity and we made the rules very clear on what the boundaries would be. She has been seeing another guy who she was friends with before but they have not done any funny business, just hang out, barely go on dates and I trust her completely, but I don't trust him. I love her more than words could ever describe and we still talk everyday and tell each other we love each other and continue our long distance relationship essentially during this "break". Do I have anything to be worried about or will she eventually come running back to me, ready to commit for the long haul and relinquish any regrets or doubts that may have been? Or is there a chance she may fall for this guy who is essentially a friend/fling? Anyone have any similar situations they have experienced?
Asked Feb 21, 2013
Nobody can predict what she might do but there has to be a reason for why she thinks she needs a "break" from you. That's where the answer to your question lies. Is she bored? Does she have someone else in her sights? Is she trying to "let you down easy?" When the love of your life decides she wants to date other people, that's definitely not a good sign.
Answered Feb 21, 2013
I agree with Rob.
Maybey she just needs to move on and see other people. Maybey you were too boring for her! haha jk! Or mabey she lost her interest in you. Confront her. Is she says she wants to get a "break" move on. She dosen't deserve you.
Answered Oct 13, 2013

Me and my exboyfriend been separated for four years the first two years we were still sleeping together the next two years I stop and left out of town because he would not come home we have three kids together and the girl he with has now two kids im hurting he talked to me when I came back we slept around but now he cant spend time with me its like im not here we haven’t talked like three days now im trying the no contact rule do you think it will work what should I do I miss him I love him , I was devastated, but I still love him truly. I search whole web and I found very powerful magic. He has this website , I buy from his love spell, and it worked after one month. I ‘m happy again.
Answered Jul 13, 2015

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