18 year old guy with 22 year old girl?

So here is the basic summary of my situation. I am 18 and I recently started working with this girl who is absolutely awesome! The only problem is that she is 22. I am hesitant to even ask her out on the date for a number of reasons but the most major of which being the (almost exactly) 4 year age difference. I am not immature or anything of that sort but I still have a fear that she will consider me too young. Add to that all of the normal other fears and worries about liking someone in the first place and it feels like a lot. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I should do?
Asked Feb 19, 2013
Try honesty. Get a cup of coffee and say to her you know you're a few years younger but would she like to go out sometime. Accept whichever answer she gives and move on in the conversation fast if it's not the one you wanted so you don't make the work environment weird. Just treat her at work exactly like you always did before.
Answered Feb 19, 2013
You're legally an adult, so go for it. 22yos and 18yos commonly date in college, so it's not that strange. If you're still living with your parents and she isn't, that may be an issue... but talk to her like Frustrated says.

One thing to keep in mind... generally, it's a bad idea to date in the workplace. It can get complicated and unpleasant pretty quickly if things don't go well. And it could make people really uncomfortable if it does go well. You shouldn't get paid to flirt. If she has any management responsibilities, it's a no go. That would be a liability for the company and could really tick off your coworkers.
Answered Feb 19, 2013

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