Utah drinking laws?

I'm from Milwaukee and will be going to Salt Lake City for business. I have in the last few days heard some horror stories about alcohol and the consumption in this state. Its not weird for me and my colleagues to go out after work and drink 6-8 craft beers of at least twice the 3.2% limit, I am reading about, Utah allows. Add 4-5 shots of whiskey to raise the spirits and satisfy the pallet. Double or triple this consumption amount on the weekends if the circumstances arise. Where I'm from its completely acceptable and nobody considers it taboo at all, actually quite the opposite. so my question is, can I go out in the city to a bar and enjoy my self or will I be limited to what and how much I want to drink? I mean if they only serve beer consisting of 3.2% alcohol, would I be allowed to drink 15-20 of them while sitting at the bar?
Asked Feb 18, 2013

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