Long distance relationship?

I've been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years and now hes going Australia for a year and wants to continue the relationship. I really love him but I'm only 18 and I'm not sure if I'm too young for a long distance relationship and I don't know if I'd be able to manage it. What should I do?
Asked Feb 15, 2013
Long distance relationships are a great test. They either drive you apart or make you realize it's the real thing. If you aren't willing to try, you should tell him now. It would be very unfair for him to spend a year under an illusion that you are waiting when you aren't.
Answered Feb 15, 2013
Look , Do What Your Heart Tells You Too Doo ..
Think About It .. Do You Really Want To Lose Him ?
Do You Think That Youll Forget Him That Easy & Move On ?
Thats What You Need To Think About .. I Been There & Some Times You Got To Think About Things Befor You Do Anything Stupid .. Talk To Him & Tell Him How You Feel ..
Answered Feb 15, 2013
So here’s my situation. My bf of three years decided he wanted to take time to fix himself and get right with God (we are both Christians) he said maybe there is hope we can can get back together if God leads us there. I just started no contact and I’m working on fixing myself, getting a new job and stuff. We were almost engaged but our biggest issue was I was not supportive of his family and we argued over that. Immaturity on my part. I also pushed him to change to much and I didn’t realize he didn’t even need to change. I see he joined a Christian dating site three days after he broke up with me but he said its only to meet friends. He is a very honest guy. I need get him back and my last chance was love spell . Entered on the website http://magical-rituals.com , because I read that he has a lot of positive feedback. I’m not disappoint. My lover back to me in only one month. We are happy couple now.
Answered Jun 30, 2015
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Answered Jun 09, 2018
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If you like to continue then you can. If you are not interested then you just leave go for another. Because everyone has not the same thinking. Asprey Introductions helps you to find the perfect match.
Answered Feb 07, 2019

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