Can a woman love another woman or is it just lust?

my mom said what occurred between my and my exgf was just lust...yet we were together for a year and we never had one believes me at family was like she was way to obsessive with you all had to have had sex.....we didn't cuz I didn't want too;;;;; I tld my mom I loved that girl and if I didn't I wouldn't have stayed with her for as long as I did and helped her with her kids....i put up with her shitty attitude etc...but after while I broke up with her because of her mental and verbal and emotional abuse...i got sick of being put down and unacknowledged...i still love her but im not gonna keep putting up with bs...i didn't even want to be her friend after the I let her go and I haven't looked back since....i just keep to myself now, I laid off the going out and almost 30....i figure its time to grow up .....its too much drama.
Asked Feb 13, 2013
Yes another woman can love another woman! Your family cannot tell you who you loved they aren't you. Just go with your gut!
Answered Feb 17, 2013

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