Will these tips and tricks actually help my hair grow?

I haven't had my hair cut in such a long time because I want longer hair, but it's left me with so many split ends and I'm told that slows down hair growth?

I'm willing to get my hair trimmed, or cut as much as necessary if getting your ends trimmed actually helps your hair grow quicker, does it?

I've also bought holland and barretts skin hair and nails tablets, do these work? And I've also bought their kelp tablets, do these work?

Any info would be amazing and if anyone knows of any tips of tricks that work for hair growth that would be great.

Thank you :)
Asked Feb 13, 2013
Here are tips to grow your hair faster!!

Wear your hair up.
Try a deep conditioner.
Avoid the hair dryer.
Use a quality hair brush at all times.
Do you drink enough water.
Do you eat properly..
Wash your hair every two days.
Don't tease your hair.
Don't use heat on your hair.
Coconut oil is to be good for hair and to help promote growth.
Hope will help!
Answered Feb 20, 2013
In addition to what annielizstan said...

Split ends have no impact on the rate of hair growth. Hair grows at the root, NOT the end.

Tips for getting rid of split ends:

Tips for hair growth:

Answered Feb 20, 2013
Yes those are very helpful to grow your hair but If you are looking for natural hair growth/regrowth you can also try Reloxe.com.
They are the best in natural hair growth/regrowth plus the product is more affordable.
Answered Apr 17, 2013
There are numerous claims about the successful treatment of hair loss or baldness but a few of them have solid proofs. Most of them are not effective or are effective only in certain stages of the disease.
Hair needs different nutrients to stay healthy and when nutrients are not enough in the body, hair gets weaker day by day and starts to fall. Other reasons of the hair loss are hormonal disturbance, diseases, genetic hair loss etc.

When hair loss is genetic, it is tough to treat the disease but medical science has developed some amazing procedures that are capable of bringing the healthy hair back.

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Answered Apr 21, 2017

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