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a) On taking a tour around the store you were horrified to notice a puddle of anti-freeze which had fallen off a shelf in one aisle and a bare electric cable dangling from a wall light. You just stop a small child from walking through the half open door to the yard where fork lift trucks are operating and notice that not everyone in that area is wearing a hard hat as required by notice on the wall. The staff on duty appear to be oblivious to these hazards. Spiro has finished reading the advice you gave him on negligence and agrees that you should prepare a short and user-friendly guide for staff outlining the principles of Occupier’s liability and making specific proposals for in-store safety. Also advise on his liability to staff regarding use of safety equipment.

b) On the way back from buying the fairy lights Jay was preoccupied with his annoyance about missing the consignment of ‘singing santas’. He suddenly saw Tim on a zebra crossing and unfortunately was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting him. Tim suffered a broken leg. Witnesses said that Tim had ‘appeared out of nowhere’ and run onto the crossing. Advise Spiro and Jay as to their possible legal liability towards Tim, and any factors which might operate to reduce liability.

Would your advice be any different if the accident had happened the following evening when Jay was transporting a bed that his brother in law had bought on ebay in the back of the van.

c) Tim had been running to catch a bus. He had been excited because he was on his way to give a demonstration at a street dancing competition. He was to receive a fee for the demonstration and, more importantly, had been informed that talent spotters from a TV show were to be in the audience. His colleagues were sure that he had a great chance of being picked to be in the next ‘Strictly Street Dancing’ and make his fortune. His hand-made sequin-studded costume was torn and blood-stained. Advise as to the damages Tim might be able to recover.
Asked Feb 13, 2013
The answers to these questions will depend on tort laws in the country where the incidents took place. Just having an accident doesn't mean someone owes you money. In most jurisdictions, the victim has to prove that the counter party either did something or failed to do something that caused the accident and that the victim suffered as a result. Some laws have "contributory negligence" features that absolutely bar a lawsuit if the victim contributed to the accident in any way.
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