What kind of dog is this?

Today I saw a dog at the street and I really liked it. But I don't know what kind of dog it is. It has the body of a Pitbull (not that muscular) nad is taller, it had a head of a Bulldog and its colour was light brown. I would really appreciate it if someone would tell me its breed name!
Asked Feb 12, 2013
It mite have been a pitbull but I would need more information
Answered Feb 12, 2013
Maybe a Boxer?

Search Google Images for "Boxer Dog" to see photos.

Answered Feb 12, 2013
sounds like pitbull cross , maybe with bulldog , boxer or other short nosed dog .
look up some different pictures of them , maybe youl find one like what you saw .hope I helped
Answered Feb 12, 2013
I would say an American Bulldog, their stature is VERY similar if not exact to a pitbull, the only difference is the way their head and muzzle is shaped.
You also must realize that a female dog can hold several different males sperms which can create a litter that look like a little bit of everything, so pinpointing the EXACT breed can be very difficult without a picture.
A boxer looks nothing like a pitbull, but it can be very possible, as stated above with the fact of the female's capabilities of holding different males sperms.
(I work at a Humane Society)
Answered Feb 16, 2013
Edited Feb 16, 2013
I'd say an American Bull Dog. I picture would help.
Answered Aug 15, 2014

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