Foreskin Restoration.

So if you don't know what it is, it is a variety of exercises for a circumcised person to do in order to cause mitosis which causes your skin to stretch and recreate the protection and some of the sensation of a foreskin and it might take a few years, and it is safe and if you're doing it right it is painless. They make tools to help and they also have manual tugging methods. The problem is I'm not old enough to buy equipment and whenever I try the manual ones I get hard so it messe up. I need two things. A way to stay soft and how to make cheap homemade equipment. And what I definitely do not need is someone trying to convince ms to back ou of this, because I won't because I do not appreciate the fact that a piece of me was cut from my body at a time when I was completely vulnerable I was a baby and nobody considered how i'd feel when I grew up, so I'm determined to at least get some of the sensation and gradification and dignity back although it will never be the same. I'm 13 and so I want to start now because I've read into it and it says it can take three to five years and by the time I'm grown and actually ready for sex, I'll already have it back, and I want it for myself not just for sex. In my case this is a great opporunity in comparison to waiting till I'm thirty or something, but I need a little help to go about this.
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Asked Feb 10, 2013
Edited Feb 10, 2013
You seem to have all of the answers to your question so I'll ask one: How much difference will an inch of foreskin make in your life thirty years from now compared to the many critical challenges you face like getting an education and a job? What's between your legs will do fine; exercise what's between your ears. :-)
Answered Feb 10, 2013
Restored foreskin feels REALLY good. The effort is negligible since it's basically just getting dressed a new way. You'll want to spend 10-12 hours per day under tension and wear a retaining cone to keep your skin over the glans all other hours. At your age 4 years tugging should be more than enough to get you to where no doctor would guess you were ever cut.

Luckily you can tackle many critical challenges you face like getting an education and a job and also undo the seneless sexual damage of forced genital cutting.
Answered Feb 11, 2013
However you do the tugging, just make sure you use a penis health creme. While the number of benefits to a restored foreskin is quite large, you will deal with some serious skin irritation, chafing and soreness. But you will lessen your discomfort significantly if you keep the skin moisturized.. which is exactly what one of these cremes will do. Check them out. And good luck!
Answered Oct 21, 2016
You might want to see a doctor about your foreskin. But as far as your size goes you are all good... right on track. You might want to use a penis health creme though to ensure that your penis is getting the proper amount of vitamins and proteins... this will give it its best chance to reach its full potential. Man1 Man Oil is a great one of these cremes.. you can get it online. Hope this helps.
Answered Feb 13, 2020
Each technique relies on manual skin expansion to restore the foreskin. For example, you can section the penile skin yourself to give it more length over time. You can also use devices that are tattered for several hours a day for some months to expand the penile skin until it can cover the glans
Answered Mar 05, 2020

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