Relationship help!

I'm a 14 year old girl and I really like my best friend but everyone I tell says it's weird for me to like him cuz he's black and I'm white. Are they thought or should I just ignore them?? I need help
Asked Feb 08, 2013
I hate ur Freind there fucken raises bitches
Well if he is what u really want, go for him! They r jus being immature and can't see past color, its not weird at all and u wud think by now ppl shud b over this. Color doesn't change love. All the girls I'm crushin on is white and I ain't white and no matter what nobody say, if I really love one of them and they love me back ,they gon b mine and thts jus how its gon b no matter how ppl look at me, cuz I'm with someone I like and am pleasing myself, ur relationship won't work if ur in it for others cuz its about u, think of it like tht! Good luck :-) and don't b uncomfortable, its not like ur doing something bad, don't let others stop u from getting what u want if its not bad.
Answered Feb 08, 2013
I thought about it and I decided which one I really like and thts who I'm goin for, and ik ppl will look at me strange, but she seems so perfect for me, u shud do the same, go for who u like! Jus a little more encouragement for u, it'll b fine.
I'm just to shy to say any thing about it to him.... :/
tbone17 Feb 11, 2013
I'm just really shy about talking about this stuff with him so it makes it really hard to just come out with it. Got any ideas how to do it without embarrassing myself. ( everyone at my school already thinks wee already dating and they keep telling me he started it)
tbone17 Feb 11, 2013
Ok your Freinds are FUCKEN raises! I would be like "bitches you are fucken!"
Ok now to Answer your question its fine to like someone a different color first of all! And just tell him you like him. It will be fine. And since everyone seems you are dating him he probably likes you knows you like him so told everyone you two are dating in a way of asking you out. So just tell him you want to talk to him just you two! It will be fine!
Answered Feb 12, 2013

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