Can my ex husband keep my child away from me if we have joint cusody

can my ex husband keep my child away from me if we have joint custody, also how do I get my child back? I have not seen her in a month and my ex won't allow me to call or email her or even go to see her.
My daughter ran away and her father picked her up and now he is not allowing me to see her, but we have divorce papers that says joint custody and he is trying to move out of the state and take her with him. What can I do? He is also demanding child support when in our divorce papers it says no child support is issued to either parents due to joint custody.
Asked Feb 08, 2013
He can not legally keep you from seeing your child,he also can not move out of state with the child.I would suggest you contact the court or lawyer you had when you got your divorce without delay about this.If your divorce papers say no child support then you must follow this....he can not legally do anything opposite of what those divorce papers say.If he were to move out of state with the child,he could be accused of "Kidnapping" because you both have joint custody.
Answered Feb 08, 2013
I agree with Rosered, but be prepared to have an explanation for the court about why your daughter ran away. They may have a social worker investigate.

Depending on her age and the state, she may be able to tell the court which parents she wants to be the custodial parent.
Answered Feb 08, 2013
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