Am I pregnant its hard to tell :-/

Okay I don't have normal periods so its hard to tell before it happened me that I came off my pill and never got my periods so I though I could be pregnant but I did test they where negative but before Christmas I had unprotected sex and I came off my pill and never got my periods I no it could be just my body but I have pains in my stomach and shooting pains going across my stomach from my bell button and pains at the tip of my womb I can't rember this happening the last time and I also have head aches and dissness and be coming light headed but no sickness . I'm just wounden has this happening to anyone before that they had miss periods and it was noting and then they did get pregnant . Its not even that I am worried about it because love to be pregnant just want to see did this happen to anyone before I get my hopes up going to do a test next week and if I am pregnant id be six weeks .i get shape shouting pains in my boobs and think around my boobs are gone slightly dark there a bit brown/pink and there usually pink just want someone opinion . I aslo have cramps in my back burning feeling around ny nipple area and shouting pains in my nipples and I had brown goody discharge and I have creamy,white dischange and when I need to go the toilet it feels like pressure or I need to go or ill wet my self jymust want to see if this happened anyone I would be so happy if I was pregnant thanks for the help :-) im doing a test this Monday . Ps sorry for the spelling and the leanth
Asked Feb 06, 2013
It sounds to me like your pregnant . My sister had the same symptoms and she now has a wonderful 3 month old baby girl!.
Answered Feb 08, 2013

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