My vagina itches on the inside of both sides I cant stop itching them

ima 14 year old girl and I have an itchy vagina. it itches on both sides of my vagina and it is so annoying I need help!!! this irration disturbs my sleep at night and also when I ask the same question on google the topics says I might have a yeast infection and I need to go see a doctor but I really dont want to go see a doctor but I might end up anyways ! but I need some treatment to help me stop itching
Asked Feb 02, 2013
Hair could be causing irritation. A yeast infection is also possible. Just wash daily and put a little baby powder if it's unbearable. And shave/wax
Answered Feb 02, 2013
Edited Feb 02, 2013
See a doctor. Try not to worry... your doctor is there to help and has already seen EVERYTHING, so nothing you have or will say will shock her/him.
Answered Feb 03, 2013
I would suggest trying a different soap.A very mild soap without a lot of parfumes in it.Oatmeal soap actually,Aveeno is good.You might be skin sensitive to the soap you are using now.
Answered Feb 05, 2013
Are you diabetic? Try not to eat too much sugar
Answered Jul 30, 2014
Itching in a vagina is common in nowadays. But it can be for many reasons. Itching in the vagina can build infection. So it is important to wash your clothes every day and take shower every day to cure this infection.
Answered Dec 09, 2016
Are you sexually active? If so, your partner might have irritated the inside of your vagina. Even the smallest patch of dry penis skin can do this. What you want to do is have him use a penis health creme every day. This will ensure that the skin is smooth and clean and will decrease the chances of irritation or infection significantly. Hope this info helps and good luck!
Answered Dec 15, 2016

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