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An automobile travels at the rate of 25 m/s for 5 mins, then 30 m/s for 10 mins, and finally at 10 m/s for 2 mins. Find a) the total distance covered in meters and b)the average speed in m/s.

A body with initial speed 12 m/s moves with a constant acceleration and travels 500 m in 30 s. Find a) the average velocity, b) the final velocity, and c)the acceleration.

A ball is thrown vertically downward with the initial velocity of 14 m/s from a height of 60 m. Find the speed with which it strikes the ground and its time of fall.

A box dropped from a balloon reaches the ground in 20 s. Determine the height of the balloon and the speed with which it hits the ground.

Compute the least acceleration with which a man of mass 75 kg can slide down a rope which can sustain weight of 580 N.
Asked Feb 01, 2013
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I can't believe they expect such silly things from you. Feel bad about kids getting such questions at school. They should ask you better questions than those.
7,500+180,000+1,200=188,700m (total distance)

188,700รท3=62,900 (average)
Answered Jul 06, 2013
For the first question

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