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Hello. Me and my girl friend have been dating for about 2 months now. Ever since the relation ship has started her parents of been highly against us dating. She's is 3 years younger then me but we are both in High School. Im a sophomore and she's a freshman. Just recently I got a talk from my guidance councilor saying that her parents called her, We both have the same Councilor, and said they are going to go to the police if we do not stop dating. I have also had a talk with police, without be charged, about there is a possibility of being charged as a sex offender. Neither one of us plan on have sex for a long time, not until we are married. I have tried to talk to the parents but they do not want to even bother with me. I guess the main question is, Is there anything I can do to keep the relationship going and get the parents off our case?
Asked Jan 30, 2013
Hi uh I'M English so I don't know what sophomore means but I think you should just play it safe, don't try and be secretive because I did that with my gf and it didn't turn you well, what would should do is wait till she's mature and can make her own decisions, but by then the relationship might deteriorate. I would recommend you try to find a girl closer to your age and if that doesn't work out. Personally I think the sex offender law is stupid because it can easily be abused to someone else advantage but regardless my advice is play it safe.
Answered Jan 30, 2013
Since the law is different from one place to another and you have talked to the police, I wouldn't listen to opinions from the Internet. The local police know the law where you are, have advised you of what it is and they would be the ones enforcing it. Listen to what they told you.
Answered Jan 30, 2013

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