I mis my period for a month and two wiks and the next thing am in & it hapened twice. wats the mater

am 29 years and married, I hav no child as yet. I was using pill prevention but left it two months before I planned to get pregnant. my am I able to conceive or not..am wondering if it will hapen again this time. I misd my period in October 2012, then 16th November was in..December I misd my period again in December and 4th January 2013 was in. it stresses me as we desperately need a child. Please assist.

Asked Jan 30, 2013
Edited Jan 30, 2013
hmmmm... i'm no doctor but it sounds to me like you got pregnant then miscarried. don't take my word for it though, consult a doctor!
(ps, i've sen monkeys with better spelling and grammer; no offense)
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5) Monkeys can't spell;
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... No offense!

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It usually takes some time to conceive. Most couples don't conceive right away. You should check with a doctor who can examine you and give you a better indication of what's going on with your body. You can also chat with a health care professional for free at:
Answered Mar 05, 2013

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