I wan to to know hoe can I get this girl I like back?

Need yr help it's urgent?
I'm in Love with this girl since I was 16 years old now I'm 20.
I liked this girl when I was 16. She always uset o like me but I was so shy to talk to her.

But now my hart is broken still in love but broken. My friend told me to leave her he said that u can find better girl than her. I then followed him. I said to him she keep looking at me she follows me. He said leave it to me so I did what he said. He was like talking to about sexual staff about her & her friend was behind me I did't know it was his plan. Then what happend was her friend told her and she stopped looking & following me.

I said to her I'm sorry on fb but no reply from her. I just don't know what to do I can't leave her. My friends said that me and her is a match.
I cried & cyied & cyied after what my betrade friend did.

Can u help me. What should I do.
When people say to me do u have a girl friend I jst star to think about her.
I never went out with any girl.

Her name is Amrit.
Asked Jan 26, 2013
Relationships should always be between you and the girl only. Once you get your friends involved, the headaches begin. Try to get her to sit down and talk to you one-on-one. Apologize for what happened and see if you can start over with a relationship between just the two of you.
Answered Jan 26, 2013

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