Im attracted to my cousin and I want to get her to kiss me! How do I do it?

Yesterday at a party me and my cousins were chilling in a room and talking , it was night and the lights were turned off but we were just talking and I was just sleeping. There was another cousin in between me and the cousin I like and he got up off the bed cause he had to go, I moved in closer to the cousin I like and slept really close to her. She started put her hands through my hair and this turned me on because I have been having sexual thoughts about her lately. I moved me head really close to her thigh and my head was touching I brought my legs to touch hers. She was making no signs of her not liking it. Then I said how her hand was so soft so I took her hand and started rubbing it against my cheek and then she like me use it like a pillow . I really slowly started rubbing my pinky against hers. Still no sign of her not liking this. Then I got up and turned my body around then she pulled me in the basically cuddle with her. Her arms were around my body and the. I started really rubbing my hand with hers slowly and kind of sexual and this happened while all my other cousins were there and she wasn't uncomfortable and I think she really liked it and got a bit horny off of it. The back of head was touching her boobs I think and I kind if moved my head to rub them. Then her family was leaving so she got up and went downstairs to leave. In my family its normal to hug and say goodbye. She rubbed her hand against my cheek and said "you like that?" And hugged me and left and I let go of the hug I slowly pretended to slide my hand to her butt and go a quick touch of it.

now I don't want to fuk her but I really want to kiss and hug her intimately ! How do I do it?
Asked Jan 26, 2013
look, I've gone through with something like that (without touching her boobs or pussy) and I believe that you, if you want a relationship, should slow down, and consider if you really Love her or just want to screw her, and what effect it will have on the family.
Both of you are feeling your sexual awakening but you are behind in your social development. In simpler terms, your biology is working but you are lacking experience in dealing with it. The answer to "How do I do it?" is, you don't.

Forget this experience and find a girl outside your family. You have to learn to control your behavior by what you THINK, not how you FEEL.
Answered Jan 26, 2013
I think it's okay to just kiss her though, its noting bad right?
Whether it's about addiction, criminal activity or sex, the best way to avoid big problems is stop doing it when it's a small problem. The farther it goes the more difficult it becomes to change it.
Rob Jan 26, 2013
Its your cousin you cant be in a relationship with her full stop
Answered Jan 26, 2013
who cares ? if you talk abt relationship then we are all doing incest coz how great great ×10000 grandfather gave birth to our great great x 5000 and we are all born from the same ancient pussy..
cousins are not incest, not even first cousins aunt or uncle to nephew or niece is, but no Cuz.
Its your cousin!.....
Answered Jan 26, 2013
well I think you should just strait up ask her.
Answered Jan 26, 2013
ask her , like what?
if she wants a kiss @falserocking
I like my.cousin too and im 12 and shes 16 so yeah. And I want to kiss her too but I don't know.when
Answered Nov 02, 2013
well I like twelve year old cousin and she is super hot how do I get to be girlfriend
Answered Nov 29, 2013
well I want to fuck my twelve year old cousin and she is fucking hot
if you really like her, just tell her.. be like I know we are cousins and all but I just can't help it.. I like you and I was wondering if you liked me too?!

in my point of view I think she pretty much like u too !! considering her actions !
Answered Nov 29, 2013
Kiss her, and if she "wants more" maybe have sex and not tell anyone (family) because she is your cousin. I used to like my cousin but never told him or anyone and the feeling just went away. If you kiss her post it, I want to know how it went!
Answered Nov 29, 2013
well I do wanna have sex wid my 16yr old cousin when im 15...... ive touched her boobs on she telling me 2 yrs ago... but noe doesnt let me to.... please help
Answered Dec 08, 2013
I agree with the people who say just kiss her but im also having second thoughts about it.... sometimes my cousin have some signs of wanting to kiss me. When I was about 6 years old she was my first kiss ever in my life (of course kiddie crap in the closet). But when I got older to about 11, I guess she remembers that moment when we were 6-7 I guess. Sometimes she comes to kiss me on the cheek by surprise and I want to return the favor ( I guess ill make my move next time I see her). We're both the same age "15" right now so I guess it won't be a problem to come out and say it. Thanks for the help people who said ask, tell, or do it. :)
Answered Dec 26, 2013
Edited Dec 26, 2013
If shes your 1st cousin, then stop, but 2nd or 3rd, its all cool
Answered Jan 07, 2014
I like my cousin, and you, my friend, have done research. Good for you.
My cousin is older than me and shows signs of liking me she has showed me her tits and all but I have been looking for ways of steping it up and getting aroud to dirty games and making out if you know some ways BTW im 12 and shes 15

Answered Feb 10, 2014
Edited Feb 10, 2014 know all of y'all are nasty as shit right?
Answered Mar 11, 2014
im 16 and my cousin is 15 I like her but idk how sge feels about me, I mean we cuddled but I thinkthe way to kissing her is by taking it slow :)
Answered Mar 24, 2014
Well dude you can kiss her,I mean kissing her isn't the same as having sex with her just next time you.see her take her secretly to the back of her house and kiss the hell out of her
Answered May 29, 2014
I is 16 and my cousin is 17.she has a browny skin but she is hot .one night she and her sis was sleeping with me..i took place btwn them.when they strted sleeping I put my erected cock in my pant agnst her ass and prssd tightly aftr some time I grab hip of my sexy cosin and slowly her was I turned to her sis she is also hot bt nt attrcted to me.I grabed her she waked up and move my hand.

Nxt mrng sis get up and went to kitchen my cousin and me wake up and she grabed hip of mine tightly and move body to her and I grabed her hip tightly and she laughed....i want sm more time with hr in nght to fuck hr...
Answered Jun 01, 2014
Edited Jun 01, 2014
it. Is. Not. Incest. If. Ur. British. Or american. Idiots. Do research before you post.
Answered Jun 04, 2014

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Answered Jul 19, 2014
I can't do it she loves me but I don't no she is ready to kiss!help me.
Answered Sep 29, 2014
I get you like her, but she is your cousin, that would be so gross
Answered Oct 01, 2014
Me and my cuzin did the same but when she was leaving she kissed me on the lips and hugged me.when she was going to her car I SLA PT her ass,and I touched her boobs.she said come by and we will have fun on the part she had no bra on or no thing on.
Answered Mar 16, 2015
Well I think it I alright to just kiss your cousin I have done more to my cousin one night while my friend was over out of nowhere I just grabbed her boobs and asked her if I could only do it for that night well a little bit later I went under her shirt and then I got down beside her and then started to suck her boobs my dad was sleeping on the couch and she was moaning so my best friend started to kiss her well basically what I am saying is it's weird to do that stuff but if you really like her and you want to do it just get to know her a lot like I did my cousin was the girl I liked a lot but I can't do that stuff with her anymore cause she is always hanging out with my sister so it sucks but I have to find different girl to do that to now but just ask her to kiss you see if she will always try but always make sure you know her good first.
Answered Jun 10, 2013
Hey GreateGodMan@ I readed your comment about your cousin and it seem you were close to your cousin. So I was wondering if you got any advices or tips you can give me to help me grt closer to my cousin. I really like my cousin so first I wanna get close to her and then ask her out I know it wrong but I still wanna do it. So if you do wanna help just comment again. here on this page and I give my email or something it would mean a lot if you do help me.
KingG Aug 02, 2013
so you really liked your cousin, but allowed your best friend to kiss her .. hmm !
Just kiss her don't ask one day I walked in on my 13 year old super hot cousin while she was taking a bath I was 14 at the time. I took off my clothes and jumped in and made her have sex with me and now we try to get a lot of time alone
Answered Jul 21, 2013
Edited Jul 21, 2013
that sounds like molestation you jagoff.
My cosin I told her over kik that I liked
her and she said it's okay now idk if that means she likes me to or it's just ok to her really liked her since I was 9 and were both 14 now and idk plz help she's my second cousin and I really need help
I did the same thing I like my cousin and I'm 15 she's 14 I told her over kik she said it's okay but were cousins and that would be weird if she says it's okay does that mean she likes me ?

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