My sister wants have sex with me

my sister found some condoms and pills from room we live.we live in same room we seen each ohters as she found them and offer any idea to have sex.she says ,she only doing with condome.should I go for it and she really wants it.and she wont leave me she is very hot to.pls help me.

also she deliberately makes me go turn on her. and then she goes off and says want have it??
Asked Jan 23, 2013
This is insane.

Both you and your sister will have to live with the memory of your childhood all of your lives. There are reasons why incest is taboo in every area of the world. Inbreeding can produce children with terrible problems, it creates irreparable damage to families and the memory will haunt both of you forever. You need different sleeping arrangements and should talk to your custodial parents about it. It's a ticking time-bomb.
Answered Jan 23, 2013
Edited Jan 24, 2013
*cough* CONDOM *cough*
Conds don't always work though Samantha
She just wants you to fall for it and then she'll go to your parents to tell on you. xD well I HOPE that's it ,anyway beat some sense into her ,jesus...
Answered Jan 25, 2013
I think you both are sick
Answered Feb 08, 2013
Are you a guy or a girl ?? Anyways , DO NOT EVER DO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR SISTER ! That is insane and inappropriate for both of you . If your a guy , I'm just saying how could you possibly think for just 1 second to have sex with you're own sister ??? OMG
Answered Feb 09, 2013
Nasty ... Why Would Ya Even Think Of That ?? Comee On Now ... Your Own Sisther ? Tf .. For That Fuck Your Mom .. Ewwww ..
Answered Feb 15, 2013
You both are really have to need not must have to need a Psychiatrist.........shame on both of you...tink a little...she is your SISTER........Sister..!! sister.....!!!!!! SISTER......
Answered Aug 12, 2013
I was laughing when I read the answers... Nice really...
Answer: DONT. Just think. Just watch/read those things* instead.

*Meh you know this.
Answered Aug 16, 2013
Are you freeking Crazy dude !
Answered Aug 18, 2013
dont do it!!!!
Answered Sep 05, 2013
Answered Oct 23, 2013
How old are you?
Answered Oct 25, 2013
Don't...i can help out ur sister
Answered May 27, 2013
Do it! Always use a condom but do it. Your cock is your property and her pussy is her property. So if you both want to share your property, do it. Enjoy it and do it with love and feeling.
Answered Oct 15, 2013
I see what you did there haha
shamefull.... dont do that
Answered May 27, 2014
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!? you cant have sex with your own sister you sick bastard!!!
Answered May 27, 2014
wow, man I wish I was you ;( fuck her from the back in this way you don't worry to get her pregnant 👍
Answered Mar 08, 2015
Do whatever makes everyone happy.

In other words, If having sex with her makes you both happy, then definitely do it.
If it's not going to make you happy, put your foot down.

I hope you understand
Answered Mar 20, 2015
this post and the comments gave me cancer
Answered Mar 22, 2015
do it ,you both want to ,feel the passion the love the desire ,it will be wild and endless with no bounderies
Answered Feb 18, 2016
attracted to your sister? if so you need help(therapy) and if she is attracted to you even if it's just sexual..SHE needs's not just a matter of opinion..Those who don't believe in psychiatry and that everything is a matter of opinion and that incest is okay ,have issues they desperately need resolved!!
Answered Oct 11, 2017
wow, I wish I was you
Answered Aug 16, 2013
i dunno it up 2 u
Answered Oct 04, 2013
did ANY of you notice that he said his SISTER WANTS to - not him, so stop with the "EWW YOU SICKO"'s- its just inconsiderate.
Answered Dec 20, 2013
Go ahead......keep this secret...enjoy ur life
Answered Mar 31, 2014
just have sex with her if u dont want to I will hah
Answered Apr 18, 2014
Go for it. with condom u dont have to worry about getting her pregnant. Enjoy! have her suck ur cock also
Answered Jul 03, 2013
Again, condoms do not always work.
Have it bcz she is sexy.Have something special.
Change your life have it.
She likes you have it.
Answered Jul 08, 2013
Send her to me. She won't want you after she's had me.
Answered Aug 11, 2013
Go for it. Its awesome. JK dont.
Answered Jan 24, 2013
hmmmmmmmmmm........well after thinking well.....If it is okay for both of you, go for it, but just think, she is your SISTER man.....if you both feel the same its okay...and it is really difficult for guys to live with a sexy sister, many things haunt your minds, but if you do have sex, it will be a bitter not having sex is best, it is a crush dude, just a crush, control your desire and you will realise....if you still want to have sex I cant help it...but do use a condom and remember...she is your SISTER
Answered May 27, 2013

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