I need help and fast!

well ummmm im way more over my ex than I was about last month. sooooo thats good. the thing now is that my guy ex (lets call him Jacob) Jacob told me he still likes me and that he wishes we could get back together but the only thing is that he dont like long distance relationships. I actually dont mind getting back with him but he is just a pain in the ass. well thats one problem........the next problem is that I started kinda liking this new girl that lives with me......i didnt start liking her until I found out that she was bi......which was just recently......but the thing is she is going out with this guy and I know him pretty well and I was kinda there through the whole thing when he wanted to ask her out.......but I at least want to tell her how I feel but I dont want to lose any friendships....also if you have read any of my other problems then u remember "Stephanie" right? well I just want to talk to her like friends but it would be awkward bcuz she knws I still like her.....also my sister kinda told her that also my sister almost ruined my friendship with her......sooooo AWKWARD!!!!

soooooo I really need help I dont knw what to do..... plzzz just give me some advice......

Asked Jan 23, 2013
to begin with, find out who you are interested in. do this by getting a piece of paper and draw a line down the paper to half it into two separate parts, next write on one half the things you like about say "Jacob", one the other half write the things you don't like about "Jacob". Then do the same process with whoever else you are interested in. This should tell you who you like the most.
Answered Jan 23, 2013
well I guess that would work but I just dont knw what to do about my girl crush
First off, it doesn't seem a good idea to date anyone you describe as "a pain in the ass." That just doesn't sound like smooth sailing. Also, if he doesn't like long distance relationships, and this would be a long distance relationship, then it probably wouldn't work well anyway. Just because someone is interested in you doesn't mean you have to be with them.

For the girl, let her be the next one to make a move. If she knows how you feel, then there's no reason to throw yourself at her.

In general, be weary of pursuing anyone who is currently in a relationship. If they'll cheat on whoever they're with to be with you, then they won't have a problem cheating on you, too.
Answered Jan 24, 2013
Edited Jan 24, 2013
ok yes u make a good point and with the pain in the ass statement I was being sarcastic. for the girl which one were u talking about bcuz I listed 2?????
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