How to know if a stripper likes you or is using you?

Here is the situation..I am a lesbian who went to a female strip club a couple months back which I said I never would go but I did and it was fun. I ended up getting a little typsy and bought a vip room and did a lot with her even kissed she is very attractive. She did not realize I was gay I don't look like I am a lot of people are surprised I am in to girls and not guys. Afterwards I did something dumb and asked for her number and she said okay will you be here for a while I said yes but ended up leaving but went back the next weekend and apologized and said I should not have asked you for your number she said okay how about you facebook me I said okay so I did. We started chatting on fb about kids and other stuff she would ask when I was coming to see her I said sometime soon so I stopped when she was working and when she saw me she was on stage and yelled for me to come over and gave me a big kiss. I was shocked considering they are not suppose to do that. And she said a few times she is bi I said okay. Later on that night I was telling her about a situation with my ex and then she started telling me about her problems. She has a bf but it seems like she wants a gf too which I am not down with but she is hot. She does not hound me about buying VIP room because I know that is how they make money. I just don't know if she truely likes me or is using me. She even offered to watch my kids which is weird I know strippers don't hang out with customers outside the club so I am confused. What to do?
Asked Jan 22, 2013
If you have to pay for it -- ANY part of it -- it ain't real. Don't feel bad... you aren't the first person to get caught in this trap, and you won't be the last.

Aside from the dollar bills... If she (or ANY woman) is willing to cheat on her bf/gf to be with you, she'll cheat on you. These kinds of patterns repeat.

Cut your losses...
Answered Jan 22, 2013
Oh I know good strippers know how to work it..and I did pay once but not again. I can't believe how many women out there think having a chic on the side is okay because its not. I mean she is cool to talk to as friends and when I explained that to her she just looked at me and did not understand why it would be weird screwing around with someone I would not mind being friends with..
Yeah... that thing about some women who date women not valuing their relationships with women as much as their relationships with men is a kick in the face. Sorry about that.

It doesn't matter what she thinks or feels, or what her motivations are. What does matter is that you're clear that you aren't willing to be someone's piece on the side. Good for you. It sounds like you know what to do....
Actually sometimes I don't feel comfortable around her because she looks at me like I am a piece of meat at times. I can't believe her bf does not care she likes fooling around with women.
All of this sounds like little red flags that are going up in your mind telling you to walk away from this. Usually when your instincts tell you to walk away, that's the best thing for you. Sometimes it's hard, but when I don't do it, I almost always regret it eventually.
I will go there just to have fun if my friends go out there but not to see her. I will talk to her but not outside of the club I am not putting myself through that.
personally it sounds like she's bribing you while using you hence the "watching the kids", I mean....cmon , its kind of sketchy....she has a boyfriend but she wants a girlfriend too....seems sketchy....but I dont know , im guessing here

maybe she does like you but that would mean wanting to be with you in a romantic way , not just pure sexual or just being a girlfriend so she can have her 2 way party. it doesn't work like that
Answered Jan 22, 2013
I asked her one night after a few drinks if she was fake? she said no and some people have said she is a genuine person but this whole have a bf and him being okay with her being into chics to me it does not work that way. I mean she would be cool as far as friends. But she is pretty hot. I kind of keep my distance.
dont let looks deceive you.
and I dont think asking her if she was fake...doesnt seem quite direcrt but even if she said no , she had a few drinks and of course she would say not implying all strippers are like that but you have to ask her straight up if she truly does like you and I she does....does she like you more than her boyfriend....

sexually ....thats not what its about can like someone for their looks....but what about personality? ask her that
meris24 Jan 22, 2013
next time I see her I will..we don't talk as much since I told her we should maybe hang out as friends and fooling around with her would be weird when we are friends it would not be right.
especially when she has a boyfriend too
meris24 Jan 22, 2013
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