I need help with my science midterm packet PLEASE!

1. What is the formula to find the area and volume of a cube (Include correct label for your answer)
2. How do you find the volume of an irregular shaped object using water displacement?
3. How do you find the mass of an object using a triple beam balance?
4. What is density? What is the equation to find the density of an object?

Asked Jan 21, 2013
i dont remember some of it but isnt it in your textbook? anyway answer below :)
volume of a cube dcubed where d is the length of each side
density = mass/volume

that's all I remember :) you can find the other stuff in your textbook
Answered Jan 22, 2013
These two sites have helpful tutorials you can watch to learn about almost anything math/science related.

(mouse over watch for subjects)

Answered Jan 22, 2013

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