Problem with a classmate,and a problem with the world itself.

Okay,joining in the drama..Prepare,because it might be long..
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So,I've had a question before regarding bullying.I've been picked on by sluts and boys that think that they're so cool,but there's one girl that really bothers me.
She's tall,a bit fat but not like the overweight types,wears alot of make-up and smokes.She picks on me when I'm not even LOOKING on her,talk about talking,when I try to tell her to piss of she never takes me seriously,picks up my stuff,(she returns them,ofcourse,but it really pisses me off)and when I reach out my hand to them,she refuses to give back,and looks at me haughtily.
Now,here's the deal...I've heard from people that her mother had died.I'm pretty aware that it might be just low confidence and such,but seriously?!._. Anyways,she also has a friend,also a *cough* smoking slut,(did I mention 90% of the school students smoke?)I shall label her Smsl for this question.
Smsl also keeps looking at me haughtily,makes fun of me,once called me a pig when I was eating (by the way,I have a high metabolism and I remain thin .-.),and once,at the bus station,I saw her talking to her friends.Nope,not nice for me to look at her.Sorry.Well,she did what I feared and noticed me.Then,again,she made fun of me,presenting me to her friends as some retarted person,(by the way we're in Bulgaria..I can't find the actual translation)and when I tried to say my comeback,she was all like, "Shh,shut up.Nobody wants to hear you."My mom suggested that we hand out a complaint against her,(sorry,I can't find the right word..)but,as much as I want this bitch to be punished,I don't want to get more elderly people in this situation.Or people at all.Ugh.
Anyways,back to the girl I'm talking about.I maybe actually care for her.I don't know.I don't know how it is to be in the shoes of someone who tries to hide their low confidence.
Also,she gets bad grades,sometimes C's,(It's a 4 in our country.Grades are 2-6 in Bulgaria.)and even our teacher notices she's influenced by something,*cough*,her slutty friends,including Smsl,and she commented a couple of times that she should stop hanging out with them,the second time being after handing her back a test with a bad grade.
Now.Our country may look lovely to you,but the bulgarian generation is fucked up.I'm hoping to move out of here ASAP.I highly suggest you don't settle here,for the health and sanity of your child,(or of you,if you're my age,older,or younger...nevermind .-.),or if you're planning to work here,seriously.DON'T.
Anyways..About Elena,the girl that's the main topic of my 'question',I have to say that ignoring her is really not an option for me..She's just the type of people I tend to avoid.Slut-like,smoker,and 14 by the way.You've seen 12 years old like these and even younger,I guess,but this girl is someone you would not like to meet and befriend.
And you know what?I'm already pessimistic about the world itself.I have hopes to settle in another country,practise my english,and get a good job.But World Peace,End of Hunger,Wars,Racism,etc.,these things will remain until somebody creates magic.I might not be the only one that thinks like that.
My question is...Do you have an 'Elena' in your class,and how do you deal with her?Also,do you really think that somebody will randomly come into our lifes and change all of us' thinking,and actually end one of those things that has bothering the world for centuries to come?
Asked Jan 19, 2013
yes I do but mine is a guy named Jacob. he's so annoying and want leave me alone so I just piss him off and he threatens me and the other kids tell out that he threaten someone and he would get in trouble. and when I say this kid is annoying he is VERY violent. so don't worry your not alone and try what I (and I'm the same age as you)
Answered Jan 25, 2013

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