How to deal with a shy relationship?

Me and my girlfriend Katelyn have been together for only a week, but I did just get out of a 13 month relationship not long ago (I was only single for 12 days) and well me and Katelyn have known each other for 2 years really we just on and off talked but she is shy? and its hard to carry on a conversation with her in texting. She says one-2 words or 3 sometimes. Any help?
Asked Jan 18, 2013
Are you saying you're not ready to be in that relationship? It's usually easier for people to text rather than talk on the phone or face-to-face so maybe she doesn't like texting or that's just how she texts.. Having known her for 2 years though, is it usual for her to text only a few words? Also, it's only been a week into your relationship so maybe she doesn't want to come off to clingy. When I started my relationship, I limited my texting as much as possible to make it seem like I'm a "busy" person and didn't sit around for his text. I also didn't want to come off clingy but personally, I don't like it when people only send me a few words so I don't do it to other people. So back to where we started, maybe that's just how she texts. You can ask her if she prefers talking instead?

Hope this was helpful!
Answered Jan 18, 2013

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