Its unbearable to see boys of my age with elderly looks( especially square jawed, moustache).

I am 20 yr engineering boy.In 12th std I had great tension of "what if I look elderly, unsmart or ugly if I have a razor shave".Thinking about this I was almost mad.Now I have a good electric shaver,but my bad memories don't erase from my mind.How do I neglect dark-toned,unsmart,square jawed,elderly,bald boys(or classmates)?had I been in their place?How do I be normal with them??Plz read above whole thing carefully & help.(u be my psychiatrist/counselor)May God bless u!!
Asked Jan 18, 2013
Young men with baby faces want to look older. Those that look older, like you, are looking for ways to look younger. What does that say to you? It says to me that you are far too concerned with how you look. Set some goals for yourself and get away from the mirror. Success is about what you can do, not what you look like while you're doing it. :-)
Answered Jan 18, 2013
Don't worry about it concentrate on getting a career, living your dream, blah blah. Don't get deeply involved with any person until you got your act together. Make lots of money and it doesn't matter what you look like. If the women reject you now don't worry, become successful and you can date their daughters. If you want (who doesn't) to meet women now go for the older babes 35-40ish hungry for attention. MLIFs
Answered Jan 18, 2013

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