Help people i’m 26 yrs old and I never been in love

Help people I’m 26 yrs old and I never been in love I had relationship before my longest was 2 yrs off and on of course but I don’t understand why I can’t fall in love like most people is there something wrong with me? My relationship now are I pick a guy the I basically only use for sex and I date other guy but I don’t do anything with only kiss and then when I get bored of the one I’m having sex I break the friendship off and I find myself another 1. I want to fall in love it just doesn’t happened plz give me advice some1.

1 more thing for the guy I use for sex is a mutual understanding always
Asked Jan 17, 2013
If your entire focus is on, "what's in it for me?" you never get the chance to love someone else. What you're doing is based on what you GET. Love is based on what you GIVE.
Answered Jan 18, 2013
It looks like the guys that you've had contact with have the same goal as you, you're both in it for the sex. If that's what you look for then that's what you'll find. Maybe it's time to look for people who are in it for the commitment but that has to be what you want too. When you do find someone you think you're compatible with then get to know them, go on dates and let the sex wait (unless it's mutual of course). It sounds like you haven't found someone who interests you enough so if there is no spark then there are a ton more fish in the sea. Trust me, I was in your situation once where I just wanted to have fun but one day someone came along and changed my perspective. Hook up's became less important.From my experience, I just think the sex should wait. If that's what you're offering (not in a negative way) then most of the time they won't take you anymore serious than being friends with benefits. Someone who's in it for the long run won't want that to be the only focus in the relationship but commitment as well as passion.
Answered Jan 18, 2013

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