I have pain in my right foot! HELP!

On haloween day I broke my leg in three places. I got the cast off december 17, and the doctor said comeback in 4 weeks then you can do whatever you want. So I went on monday and he said do whatever. I played around on the trampoline for a while the next day. Yesterday I went back on the trampoline and on a backflip I landed a little forward and my toes bent up. I noticed something went wrong. Im not thinking its a break cause I have broken a toe before but you never know. From the joint of my big toe to about mid foot on the arch, it hurts. I can walk on it but the top feels like a sharp stabbing like pain. Its a little swollen and not bruised altleast that I can see. I dont know what I did to it, I was thinking its a sprain and I dont thing my broken leg had anything to do with this but I dont know. Please help and tell me what I should do. Id like to avoid going to the doctor unless necessary and if you know what I might have please tell my how long it will be like this. Thank you
Asked Jan 17, 2013
I would visit you doctor! When he tells you, you can do anything in the future take it easy for about a month. You could have re injured it...
Answered Feb 06, 2013
Don't ignore it! I would recommend you to consult an experienced podiatrist for an early treatment rather than wasting money on inexperienced doctors. I always prefer everyone to consult Foot Solutions podiatrist because they treated my mum so efficiently and to her needs getting her out of pain and restoring her to her active lifestyle quickly. Here's the link to the site: http://footsolutions.com/
I hope it helps you as it did for my mother!
Answered Nov 20, 2013

Your at-home treatment options will vary depending on the pain you are experiencing and its cause. However, there are a few general tips that can help relieve your discomfort. These include:
applying ice to the affected area
taking an over-the-counter pain reliever
using foot pads to prevent rubbing on the affected area
keeping the foot that is causing you pain elevated
resting your foot as much as possible

Answered Mar 14, 2015
I have planter fasciitis and my heel pain has decreased considerably since I have been wearing Orthofeet. It's great to find a shoe at a reasonable cost that seems to be just what I needed.

Answered Dec 07, 2017

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