I am thinking of coming out too people.would this be ok?

Ok so I am thinking of coming out too people and explaining...this is what I come up with let me no what you think..

There was once a day I met a girl
I thought she was kinda funny and had a lot too say.
We used to play fight alot and call each other names.
Then all of sudden it came down too horrible mind games

It was the worst week of my life, feelings I could never describe
For that girl I thought was funny she was tearing up my insides.

I was confussed how this could happen you see I thought that I was straight
But this girl who made me laugh well, she was more than just a mate

Days of pain and confusion I am never going too miss
You see I love my girl alot and i'd appreciate you not too diss.

8 months down the line and I know this is for real
My girl she makes me smile daily and its really a big deal.

I'm really not that different from you and your friends. I'm still human I still have feelings. I just accidently fell in love and you can not help who you fall for..
Asked Jan 16, 2013
Edited May 18, 2013
The thing that's most important in making the decision to come out is your safety. If you still rely on your parents for any means of support, and you think they could have a severely adverse response, then it's best to wait until you're self-sufficient.

You might also think about getting a good guess about how people will react BEFORE you tell them. Ask them what they think about gay people, or gay rights and see what kind of answer you get. That should tell you if that's going to be a safe person or not.
Answered Jan 19, 2013
that was actually beautiful. very deep. I think that'd go over well
Answered Feb 01, 2014
Thanks man, I didn't do it. We're not together anymore haha but what I wrote at the time was real. 😊 #LifeLessons

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