New city, new house, new school! HELP?!

Okay so next year, im movin to a new city. Im 14 btw
So what I want is, in my old school I never talked with guys. I always hung out with my bffs but I just need to change everything I used to be. Girls cause drama. And I love my bffs but since im movin and I cant change it, imma do that. I wanna be that kind of mysterious girl that every guy wanna talk to and whatever and when they do we can be good friends and I wanna be that kind who doesnt talk much. But at the same time I wanna get high grades as I am. So any ideas pls?
I just wanna be a new person. Thanks
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Anonymous User
Asked Jan 14, 2013
Okay first thing's first: You need to get your priorities straightened out. Do you really care about school and your grades? Or do you only go to school because you have to? School, in my opinion, should always be first. I'm 14 as well, and I put my work before anything else, as dull as that may seem. I also suggest you join clubs in your school, because that can connect you to people that share the same interests as you, therefore creating strong friendships. Next, be OUTGOING. You will never have guys talk to you if you just sit in the back alone and "mysterious." You have to look happy, because if you look welcoming and joyful, people will want to be around you more, also creating more friendships. Don't be shy - say hi to anyone in the halls. The best personality is the person that anyone can approach. Good luck next year! :)
Answered Jan 14, 2013
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